Applied to Design
All Design and Illustrations done by me. Each project is property of its respective owner.

Cavemen Aliens

Creating characters to support a website was a very fun thing to do, they gave me this oportunity at Globalue, it was a very big and interesting project. The characters had to have their own branding and I even got to do a Storyboard for a spot ad.

Cool Profiles

A lot of the projects for Flying Donkey involved illustrations and I was more than happy about it. These were used for different purposes but mainly for chatbot profiles some for an Insurace agency and others for a Cryptocurrency Wallet.

A cute Doll.

This was very different from what I usually do but it was fun nonetheless. The Laura PKs' doll Illustrations were meant for Garment printing, I did the logo, branding, and even a web mock-up.

Text Book Goodies.

It was an intensive tight deadlines type of job, but I got a very nice experience from it, the Illustrations were for Santillana textbooks and they vary from classic tales to random objects.

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