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All Design and Illustrations done by me. Each project is property of its respective owner.

Visual Identity

Sometimes, a company needs improve their corporate image to better the perception their customers are getting from it. This happened to Goal Systems, I did a full branding rennovation for them, making it more modern and with a more technological feel.
Among all the elements created, there was UX/UI mock ups and iconography, also Booth designs and full campaings for Trade Fairs.

Very Classy Motorcycle Gear.

Working along its creator to build up the brand was a great experience. Atom's CEO is very passionate and had things very clear from the beginning. I helped him create all the Branding, Packaging Design, Advertisement, Logotype and image guidelines.

Creative Ride.

Working on multiple projects for different clients, collaborating with Flying Donkey was intense and awesome at the same time. I did a Label and image design for a unique beverage, also Landing pages and advertisement visuals were some of the work I did for them.

Inking design.

Ostia is a very dedicated Tattoist, he knows what he wants and we tend to click on the ideas pretty often, still he would leave me a lot of creative freedom. When we worked together we got very nice results, I did a full Branding design, advertisement and 2 websites.

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